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Spinner dolphins are among the most fascinating sea creatures in existence. As their name suggests, they are known primarily for their ability to leap into the air in an impressive spinning motion. They are quite a spectacle to behold if you are ever fortunate enough to see them, although relatively little is known about the

Are you planning a trip to Hawaii anytime soon? Any time of the year is an excellent time to visit, and there is an endless array of things to do and places to see. But why not go a bit off the beaten path and explore the many wonderful delights Kauai is known for? One

Hi Friends!  Kauai’s COVID-19 travel rules have changed a lot over the past few weeks, and so we’ve decided to clarify some of the latest COVID-19 restrictions in place on the Garden Island of Kauai.  We can’t wait to have you visit us again as the vaccine will soon lesson restrictions and allow you all

Kauai Sea Caves – Getting There Kauai Sea Cave Boat Tours There are numerous wet and dry caves to tour in Kaua’i, but the most spectacular caves are found on the Nā Pali Coast, where access is only by sea.  Here, dramatic sea arches and sea caves have formed in the cliffs as a result

Nā Pali Coast Magazine (Issue 4, 2017/2018) [READ DIGITAL EDITION] Nā Pali Coast Magazine is the ultimate Kauai guidebook, highlighting many aspects of the infamous Nā Pali Coast of Kauai.  Reading through the magazine is like taking a virtual tour of the 17-mile Nā Pali Coast, including all of the sea caves as documented by Nā