Humpback Whales Mating Live On Video!
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Crossing the Kauai Channel to Ni’ihau is serious business—no cake walk. Ocean conditions can change quickly from best-day-of-your-life to worst nightmare. I recall that one February winter day 10 plus years ago, when the temptation to cross those short shimmering waters had been too great. And everything was great until the winds changed!

Cold winds rose suddenly from the north. White capped waves everywhere, cresting to 20 feet—walls of water that soaked us to the bone. Thankfully our bilge pump continued purring. We cut up black garbage bags for make- do rain jackets to fight our shivering and probably hypothermia. A lesson learned and never forgotten.

But this day the ocean conditions are perfect. I had been up since 3:00 am studying the NOAA weather and radar charts, double checking the checklists, re-thinking lessons of the past. Now at 5:40 am we’re headed to Ni’ihau with the first glow of the sun rising behind us. On to where modern life bypassed, and time had forgot!

Hawaiian variable winds blow rarely here, at best only 20% of the year. Days of no wind are even rarer. So we’re blessed this morning with pancake flat waters. I remarked to Wayne how incredibly flat it was, that our prayer this morning had been for safety, that God was revealing it. The channel door is wide open!

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