Humpback Whales Mating Live On Video!
Underwater_Humpback_Whale 10

And now this whale-addict captain, going through whale withdrawal, looking for his whale fix, now has whales coming dead on, to his boat with engines off, floating in the middle of absolute nowhere. And he has no clue he is about to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a sneak peak into the secret life of humpbacks—their mating, that holy grail, to be revealed in a delayed action process. To the best of my whale knowledge, what’s never before been filmed underwater, and possibly never before witnessed.

Today we’re to go far and beyond any normal whale-fix day. Like kids excitedly, contently, watching a fireworks rocket’s glowing take off, and not knowing that the delayed reaction of the real explosion is still to come. Thinking back, I had already been beyond overwhelmed, totally satisfied with the above surface sights. If that were it, if there was nothing more, I would have considered already having won the whale Superbowl.

So appreciate my surprise and thrill seeing for the first time the unexpected—the secret whale world revealed by the underwater Go Pro cameras. But it actually was not till 8 hours after the actual event that these whale fireworks really exploded, breaking all scales of my previous whale experiences.

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