Kauai Weather – What to Expect During your Visit to Kauai

Many people want to plan their vacation to Kauai around the weather, so what is the best time to visit Kauai? While Kauai is known for boasting year-round sunny skies and tropical breezes, it’s also nicknamed the “Garden Isle” for its beautiful, lush green landscape which is directly related to the amount of rain it receives. Kauai is home to Mt. Waialeale, the wettest spot on earth getting ~450 inches of rain each year. All of this rain keeps the island looking incredibly green and beautiful year-round.

Kauai’s weather follows the same seasonal patterns as the mainland United States, but we don’t experience the extreme highs and lows in temperature changes. This is why the Canadians (aka “snowbirds”) flock to Hawaii during January, February, and March when they want to escape the frigid weather at home. And in the summer, the humid weather found in many regions of the United States are not felt at all in Hawaii. We always have cool, tradewinds which make air conditioning an option here.

There is also little indication in the appearance of the landscape to signify a new season, for example you don’t see a change in the colors of the leaves as most of the trees here are palm varieties (e.g. coconut palms). For residents of Hawaii, the seasons are very noticeable, for example in the winter months the temperature may drop to 60 degrees in the early mornings and the locals can be spotted wearing fleece jackets with their shorts and flip flops. But never fear, the sun always warms up the day.

As I write this post, we are approaching Christmas and the weather is cool, sunny, and humid. The 7-day forecast is 78-85 degrees, with occasional showers.

Fun Things to Do in Kauai

The Na Pali Coast is a beautiful coastline that many people visit each year. It’s one of the most majestic and peaceful areas of Kauai since there are no roads or buildings on this part of the island. There is a famous hiking trail that is 11-miles long, called the Kalalau Trail. The hike is extremely treacherous and has parts where the trail is non-existent, you are expected to climb the cliff to get from point to point in some of the steeper parts. Tours run year-round and include dolphins, whale watching, snorkeling, and entering spooky sea caves.

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