Na Pali Coast Sea Cave Review

First, the Open Ceiling Cave.

Open Ceiling Sea Cave | Na Pali Coast Magazine Kauai

As our raft enters on the left side, look for the electric blue glow of the water that contrasts with the shadowed black ledge that looks like beaten metal. Sunbeams entering the cave can penetrate through the summertime calm and crystal-clear water and reflect off the white sand bottom, giving forth the heavenly blue color. the feeling imparted is surreal, leaving most people speechless, and with a deep calming peace, like in a relaxed trance. Some call it a healing color, I think, as it temporarily, at least, relieves stress and its ailments. this cave alone under the right conditions will justify your hawaii vacation, as you leave more relaxed than ever.

Honopu Sea Cave

has its own unique features and views. As you enter, look back at the waterfall behind you; it is framed in by the cave entrance. Look for schools of small fish below, hiding in the shadows and maybe a white-tip reef shark looking to make a meal of those fish; see the the nesting noddy terns looking for their next meal. As you get deeper into the cave, the walls of the cave edges stand out more. the gray to black lava rock contrasts with the coral growing at the surf line with colors from pink to blood red.


    Adults $135 | Children $99 | 4.0 Hours


    Adults $135 | Children $99 | 4.0 Hours


    Adults $135 | Children $99 | 4.0 Hours

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