Are you looking for something more than just hanging out on the beach during your Hawaii vacation? Do you appreciate the natural beauty of the Aloha state? Are you a waterfall chaser? If any of these questions ring true, then the Na Pali coast of Hawaii is perfect for you! 

Kauai is Full of Wonderous Waterfalls

Kauai has the prettiest and most diverse waters in all of Hawaii. The number of waterfalls is abundant. The Northshore and the 17 miles of the Na Pali Coastline specifically are home to so many of these wonderful waterfalls. Each individual waterfall has special characteristics and holds its own stories. 

Although, most of them are difficult to get to because of the dense jungle and beach bluffs. Luckily with Na Pali Riders you can see many of the Na Pali Coast’s famous waterfalls. Not only will you experience the falls, but along the tour, there will be opportunities to snorkel and visit sea caves that are unique to the Na Pali coast! 

When you take a tour with us here at Na Pali Riders, you’ll get the best view of Kauai’s seaweed-colored cliffs and their sharp edges that point to the clouds, casting a shadow over the Pacific ocean. Nestled against those cliffs are waterfalls, jungle, valleys, and some of Kauai’s most beautiful beaches such as Hanakapiai beach, Milolii beach, Nualolo Kai, and Polihale beach. 

Hanakapiai Falls 

Hanakapiai Falls is a nationally known favorite among the waterfalls of the Na Pali coastline. It’s famous for being arguably the most scenic on the coastline. It flows at roughly 300 feet tall. You can find it in the southernmost part of the Hanakapiai valley. 

Most of the waterfalls on the Na Pali coastline are very difficult to get to unless you’re traveling by boat. However, Hanakapiai Falls seems to be the easiest among hikers. 

Hanakapiai Falls has a rich cultural history as well. Legend has it that the waterfall was named after a Menehune princess. 

Pirates Cave Waterfall 

The Na Pali coastline is packed with nature’s creations. One of those being, the sea caves. There are many but the most impressive among them all is the Pirates Cave, the largest sea cave along the Na Pali Coastline. 

When you enter the Pirates Cave you’ll be greeted by its waterfall that pours directly over the heart of the cave’s entryway. Inside, the cave is naturally painted with moss and white calcium streaks from natural freshwater springs, creating a brilliant ambiance.

This waterfall is extremely hard to access. Hiking to it is not even an option. Most boats can’t fit through the entrance safely either, but Na Pali Riders can take you there on their state of the art, Zodiac rafts. 

Waiahuakua Falls 

This waterfall happens to be particularly unique. It flourishes inside of a cave, not to be confused with the Pirate’s Cave waterfall. That waterfall grazes the entrance. Waiahuakua pours through a hole in the cave’s ceiling from the Valley, thousands of feet above. Waiahuakua loosely translates to God’s Water Alter. 


This waterfall comes from the valley along the well-known Awaawapuhi trail. The waterfall lies on the west end of Kokee State Park. Allegedly Paul Mitchel found the Awaawapuhi ginger root that’s a common ingredient in hair products. 

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