Open Ceiling Sea Cave

In a beautiful mid-morning Kauai summer, the Open Ceiling Sea Cave features a wondrous sun beam streaming through a dark ceiling. Na Pali Coast magic.

The light penetrates the crystal clear waters and reflects off the entrance channel’s white sandy bottom. The result is a staggering color palette like of a divine artist at play with electric blue lightning bolts blended into light blue, dark blue, and greens— all continuously changing, dancing, spellbinding. It must be seen to be fully appreciated, these colors from heaven that no mere mortal artist could ever replicate! The effect is hypnotizing, casting a kind of healing peaceful trance—so opposite to the stress of our daily lives. Even the boundaries of illuminated water seem surreal, where shadow and light blend into dark blue. Ocean swells, moving through the beam, give added life to this battle between contrastingly lighted waters—like the never ending battle between darkness and light. But the watery beam eventually fades into the dark blue textured water beyond, to finally disappear into the relaxing deep of the mystical sea.

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    Adults $135 | Children $99 | 4.0 Hours


    Adults $135 | Children $99 | 4.0 Hours


    Adults $135 | Children $99 | 4.0 Hours

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