Breach The Humpback whale uses its tail to push its entire body out of the water into midair, then comes crashing down on the water with huge splash.     Spy Hop The Humpback whale vertically pops its head out of the water. It is believed that this behavior allows the whale to

Kauai Whale Watching The first whales were spotted today! In the distance we saw whale tails and puffs of water from blowholes. Here’s some gorgeous photos of the dolphins and fish we saw today. Aloha!

Kauai’s Humpback whales are back for the season. The season will last from Dec. 2009 to May 2010. The activity will increase in Jan-Mar, so this would be the optimal time for whale watching tours with Napali Riders.

Well the year has started off with a bang! Dolphins, whales, turtles, we even saw a huge manta ray. The water was calm and we witnessed a mother humpback feeding her newborn calf. It was a pretty rare sighting and we arrived at the right moment. We saw a huge male slamming his tale as