Kauai Whale Watch (Issue 1, 2015/2016) [READ DIGITAL EDITION] Kauai Whale Watch Magazine is the ultimate Kauai guidebook for information and about the Hawaiian Humpback whales, which visit the Hawaiian Islands from November through March of each year.  Our magazine includes beautiful photos, Humpback whale behavior guides, Kauai maps, and more.  Nā Pali Riders Raft Tours has

Nā Pali Coast Magazine (Issue 4, 2017/2018) [READ DIGITAL EDITION] Nā Pali Coast Magazine is the ultimate Kauai guidebook, highlighting many aspects of the infamous Nā Pali Coast of Kauai.  Reading through the magazine is like taking a virtual tour of the 17-mile Nā Pali Coast, including all of the sea caves as documented by Nā