LĪHU’E – Tourism officials today released 2011 Hawai‘i visitor statistics that showed Kaua‘i having an increase over the previous year in every category. “This is great news and points to a gradual economic recovery,” said Mayor Bernard Carvalho, Jr. “We will continue to proactively look for ways to support putting our people back to work

Kauai Whale Watching The first whales were spotted today! In the distance we saw whale tails and puffs of water from blowholes. Here’s some gorgeous photos of the dolphins and fish we saw today. Aloha!

Kauai Snorkeling Tours Snorkeling Kauai off the beach is one thing. But how about being shuttled by boat to a remote side of the island, where no cars can go, and anchoring in a pristine bay where the fish and water are spectacular and the…well you get the picture. Kauai’s Snorkel Couple of the Year

Kauai Snorkeling :: Snorkel in Kauai on Na Pali Coast! Oh the things we see when we’re out there on a Kauai snorkeling tour. Puffer fish, one of the world’s most deadly… In Japan, this fish is referred to as fugu. Sushi chefs who are licensed to prepare the exotic fugu sushi must be extremely

Kauai Tours :: Whale Watching Still Phenomenal in Gorgeous Kauai It is the last day of April and our Humpback whale friends are still cruising Kauai’s Na Pali Coast. So many people are asking if I will guarantee whale sightings, well just take a look and see what I will guarantee. Kauai Whale Watching Tours,