Kauai Sea Caves – Getting There Kauai Sea Cave Boat Tours There are numerous wet and dry caves to tour in Kaua’i, but the most spectacular caves are found on the Nā Pali Coast, where access is only by sea.  Here, dramatic sea arches and sea caves have formed in the cliffs as a result

If you’re in search of the best Kauai snorkel tours, you will not be disappointed by Nā Pali Riders and our Kauai Snorkel Tours on the Nā Pali Coast.  Kauai is surrounded by amazing coral reefs, teeming with fish, corals, and other marine wildlife.  The Hawaiian waters are warm and inviting, making wetsuits optional. When

Kauai Dolphin Tours The Hawaiian Spinner dolphin is called the nai’a in Hawaiian.  These animals are super fun to watch in the wild, because they love to perform acrobatic leaps and spins in mid-air.  We see these dolphins every day on our Kauai boat tours, especially in the morning hours.  The dolphins come into the nearshore daytime

Kauai Snorkel Tours with Sea Turtles A now-common sighting on Kauai snorkel tours is the the Hawaiian Green sea turtle, called honu in Hawaiian.  The honu gets its name from the color of their body fat which is green from the algae in their diet, which they eat off of the rocks. The adult honu may reach

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