Kauai Whale Watch (Issue 1, 2015/2016) [READ DIGITAL EDITION] Kauai Whale Watch Magazine is the ultimate Kauai guidebook for information and about the Hawaiian Humpback whales, which visit the Hawaiian Islands from November through March of each year.  Our magazine includes beautiful photos, Humpback whale behavior guides, Kauai maps, and more.  Nā Pali Riders Raft Tours has

    Breach The Humpback whale uses its tail to push its entire body out of the water into midair, then comes crashing down on the water with huge splash.     Spy Hop The Humpback whale vertically pops its head out of the water. It is believed that this behavior allows the whale to

Yes, Na Pali Riders offers raft tours all year long, weather permitting. During the winter season, the North Shore surf rolls in to Kauai’s Na Pali Coast, and there will be days when we will call our passengers and notify them that the tours have been cancelled. We do not charge customers whenever a tour

What to Do in Kauai From Dec – May, the Humpback whales visit Kauai to mate and give birth to their young. Record numbers of whales are in Kauai this year, making it easy to have an absolutely amazing whale watching tour on any given day. Check out this whale waving its tail in the