NEW RIB COI Zodiac Hurricane® 733 – Available March 2018 – $169K (Reduced) – SOLD (July 2019)

This new Zodiac Hurricane® 733 is a 14-passenger COI plus 2 captain/crew (16 total).  Brand-new, twin-150 HP Suzuki engines (300 HP total).  The boat has been built on Kaua’i and may be shipped anywhere.  This is a U.S. built vessel.  There is no RIB with COI on the market at this level of quality.  Without a doubt, Zodiac is the best in the business of RIBs. You will not regret the purchase of this flawless vessel.

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2013 RIB Zodiac Hurricane® 733 – SOLD (July 2017)

A rare opportunity! This RIB is NEAR-NEW, EXCELLENT/PRISTINE CONDITION.  24′, 2013 Zodiac Hurricane® 733.  Used strictly as a demo boat in 2016 only.  Mercury, twin-150 HP engines (300 HP total).  Engines are barely broken-in, with only ~55 hours of usage.  Includes new trailer.  USA made.

Chris Turner has customized the vessel to meet U.S.C.G. standards for commercial operation, with a 14-passenger COI plus 2 captain/crew (16 total).