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Kauai Boat Tours

A group of people Snorkeling on a Na Pali Coast Zodiac Raft Tour

If Kauai is your destination, and seeing the Na Pali Coast is on your travel itinerary, then you’ve planned your Kauai vacation bucket-list well!  The Na Pali Coast is stunning and absolutely beautiful. The Pacific Ocean is warm and oh-so-inviting. The sun is shining and your paradise awaits!  The photo below shows how truly breathtaking the Na Pali Coast is, and only a Kauai boat tour can get you there.  The beach shown is Kalalau Beach, and the famous pinnacles of the Na Pali Coast stand in the background.

View of Kalalau Cathedrals from a Na Pali Coast Boat Tour
The Na Pali Coast

Pick your Kauai Boat Tour!

There is much to do in Kauai’s warm marine waters, from snorkeling to swimming, kayaking to surfing, and just splashing in the waves.  Most of these activities happen by the sea or in the sea, but Kauai boat tours offer a little something extra: they take you out onto the sea. They’re the perfect addition to your Kauai vacation, and a dream come true for closeted seafarers. So grab your sunglasses, lotion up, and say hello to your sea legs: it’s time to take to the open ocean to seek out your version of a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

One of our favorite ocean excursions is a Kauai boat tour on a raft. These adventurous daytrips depart from Kauai’s west side, and usually combine a few hours of touring the Na Pali Coast with snorkeling and spectacular views.  If the waves are calm enough, there is the incredible opportunity to explore the sea caves on the Na Pali Coast too.  This is a Kauai boat tour you will remember forever.  More Kauai boat tour videos and photos on Facebook.

People Snorkeling with fish over a reef in Kauai on a Na Pali Coast Boat Tour
Zodiac Raft Boat Tours


Na Pali Coast Open Ceiling Sea Cave
Open Ceiling Cave

Whales and Dolphins

Our favorite time of year for Kauai boat tours is the winter months, when we can take part in whale watching tours on the rafts. Kauai is home to many dolphin and whale species, including bottlenose dolphins, spinner dolphins, rough-toothed dolphns, melon-headed whales, pilot whales, and humpback whales. The Hawaiian humpback season lasts from November-May of each year! There’s nothing quite like having a dolphin leap through your boat’s wake, or having a whale breech close enough to send sea spray your way.

Na Pali Coast Whale watching tour seeing a whale tail in the air
Humpback Whale Watching Tour


Dolphins on the surface of the ocean next to a Dolphin Tour boat
Spinner Dolphins
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