Kauai Napali Coast Tours We came across a huge, male humpback whale today. His 3,000 mile journey has finally come to an end here on Kauai. We came upon him just as he began slamming his tail hard against the water. He wants to let all the other whales know that he is in town.

Kauai Napali Coast Tours Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas! We definitely had a great time on the Napali Coast today. Straight out of the harbor we ran into a giant pod of Spinner dolphins. They were doing their show for us and we had a great experience with them. As we headed back we

Wow! It was a beautiful day on the Napali Coast in Kauai. Water was calm and we saw a LOT of dolphins enjoying the sunshine. We came across a massive pod of dolphins as they came up to the boat and did a great show for us. The whales were out and we were able

Well, the bad rain and clouds finally left. It was the first perfect Kauai day we have had in three weeks. The ocean was calm and we were able to enjoy a mild day on the water. We spotted several whales on the way back. [google 8465350119693790263] Overall, another epic day on the Na Pali!

We came across a huge pod of female whales breaching all over the place. We were able to get into the open ceiling cave today. First time in three weeks. The stormy weather we have had is slowly moving away. YEAH! [google 1145701055693868837]