Remote, deep and hushed is Kalalau Valley, grandest of Na Pali’s near inaccessible valleys. Bowl-shaped within sheer walls of rainforest green, it’s 3 miles back and 3 miles across. Her mystic spell pervades, broken only momentarily by tour helicopters that appear like tiny, hovering mosquitoes. The valley’s great west wall ends toward the sea in

Hands down, the Double Door Cave at Waiahuakua Valley is the best sea cave on the Na Pali coast, maybe one of the best in the world. The Double Door Cave at Waiahuakua Valley has it all: the big cathedral room and ceiling, the bright pinkish-red death rock that looks like a submerged hippo, the

Hoolulu means protected bay or waters. These are the cove caves, home of the noddy terns that nest along the cliffs and in the sea caves.

Milolii beach is a favorite camping spot for kayakers during spring and late summer.

Nualolo Kai is a hidden treasure in the Hawaiian islands. This secluded beach is a must-see for any visitor to Kauai. With its white-sand beaches and crystal clear waters, Nualolo Kai is a paradise waiting to be discovered. History of Nualolo Kai The Nualolo Kai coastline has been inhabited for centuries. The first people to