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The Lava Tubes of Kauai

Lava Tube Spouting Horn Blow Whole

The lava tubes of Kauai are a beautiful sight. These tubes are different from the other Hawaiian islands. Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian islands, which means that the tubes have been broken down into sea caves and blowholes. In this blog post, we will tell you where you can find these lava tubes and how to experience them. Keep reading to learn more!

How They Formed

Lava tubes are created during a lava flow when the surface lava cools and hardens while the hot molten lava continues to flow beneath the crust. This forms a ‘lava tube’ or ‘lava cave’. When the eruption ends, the remaining lava drains from the tube leaving behind an empty space.

Since Kauai is so old, these tubes no longer exist in the same form as they do on other islands. They exist now as caves and blowholes on Kauai’s coastline.

Where are the Lava Tubes in Kauai?

Today the leftover parts of the lava tubes of Kauai are located on the Na Pali coast, and a completely submerged set off of Tunnels beach can only be accessed by snorkeling or diving. The Na Pali Coast is one of the best ways to experience these unique formations. This part of Kauai is largely untouched and uninhabited, as the coast is full of large rocky cliffs and rough waters. You can explore this part by hiking in, on a helicopter tour, or on a variety of boat and rafting tours.

The second and slightly more adventurous way to explore these formations is off of Tunnels Beach. This great location is home to a diverse set of wildlife, coral reefs – and of course underwater lava tubes. Tunnels Beach is a well-known spot for snorkelers and freedivers to explore the unique formations.

One of the more unique formations is Kauai’s “Spouting Horn” located on the south shore of Poipu. When the ocean is just right, water enters from below and can shoot out massive 50-foot water spouts. The local myths and legends surrounding this spot are even better, where it’s told a giant lizard named Kaikapu protected the coastline. There’s a good reason this is one of the most photographed locations in Hawaii.

Tours with Na Pali Riders

We at Na Pali Riders offer a sea cave tour, that will take you directly inside of these breathtaking formations – and you might even get to swim in them if the conditions are right. Our tour takes you inside the majestic “Queens Bath” cave, which is a hollow lava tube where the ceiling has collapsed.

If you aren’t looking to get up close and personal, we have a basic tour that takes you along the Na Pali coast where you can take in the scenery from far away. You’ll get to see the lava tubes and eroded cliffs of the coastline.

What are you waiting for?

Kauai is a beautiful island with much to offer visitors, from the coastal cliffs and huge waterfalls of the north shore to the sunny south shore beaches. With Na Pali Riders, you can explore some of Kauai’s most inaccessible areas and lava tubes by rafting right through the heart of them. Call us now at (808) 742-6331, or email us at with any questions regarding your vacation and bookings.

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