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Nā Pali Coast Sea Caves Raft Expedition

Quick Details

Adult Ages 13+
Child Ages 5-12

Explore the sea caves and enjoy the beautiful scenery in Waimea, Hawaii!

Sea Caves! In the summer, the sea caves along the Nā Pali Coast are accessible with our 30-foot Zodiac© rigid-hull, inflatable raft. We’ll get you up to Kauai’s remote, Nā Pali Coast, and then explore as many sea caves as possible. The ride on the raft is rough, so please be ready for this. Do not attend this if you are prone to motion sickness. Not a “mai tai cruise.” Be ready for a wild, rough adventure!

You will be treated to the incredible scenery of the Nā Pali Coast, including magnificent beaches, towering cliffs, verdant valleys, thundering waterfalls, and mysterious sea caves.

WARNING: The Zodiac© raft makes for a wild, sometimes fast, and rough ride. Due to the nature of the Nā Pali Coast Sea Caves Raft Expedition, you must be ready to experience ADVENTURE ON THE SEA! You must be in good physical condition to attend this expedition. We cannot accommodate pregnant women, anyone with back or neck problems, medical conditions or recent surgeries, and any elderly/fragile persons whatsover. Thank you for your understanding.


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