Fishing Kauai and Beyond

Mark White Lures

I have the best job on earth! As a lure maker/surfer I get to enjoy a lot of time in and around water. When I go surfing I practice videography with my Gopro and this helps me develop my skills a documentary film maker to promote my fishing lures through the videos I make and post on YouTube.

When I go fishing I never have to feel guilty about my other commitments, because I’m at work in one of my many Labs doing R&D. Every cast is a potential for a hook up and I learn something every time I launch a lure into the unknown. I consider each cast and retrieve like a brush stroke on a watery canvas. You can do an infinite number of moves, jigs, pops, skips, slow movements, fast movements all while retrieving the line at different speeds.

These experiences with retrieves will increase ones vocabulary regarding the best retrieve patterns to elicit the all-important response. The strike! As a potter for over 40 years, my wife and I have put an emphasis on the utility of any product we produce. As potters we strive to not only make a pot that is pleasing to look at but also functional. Our ceramic fishing lures not only look nice, but they impart an exciting experience for the user as well as producing food or an extremely exciting experience. Go to my website for more information, pictures and videos: If you have any questions about fishing the waters of Kauai, feel free to email me at


Na Pali Sport Fishing

Captain Nathan Berg has fished his whole life on Kauai, Big Island and Oahu. Born and raised in Hawaii, some say he’s part fish because he knows the ocean so well.

Experience Kauai-style Sportfishing on board our beautiful 34 foot catamaran KAI RUNNER IV with the Ohana at Na Pali Sportfishing. Tours leave from Kikiaola Harbor in Waimea. Please visit our website for complete tour details.

Contact us for more information:
(808) 635-9424
8am – 7pm HST
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Adults $135 | Children $99 | 4.0 Hours


Adults $135 | Children $99 | 4.0 Hours


Adults $135 | Children $99 | 4.0 Hours


Adults $135 | Children $99 | 4.0 Hours