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Na Pali Riders offers tours of Kauai’s beautiful North Shore. Our experienced guides will take you on an unforgettable adventure along the Na Pali Coast, where you can see some of Hawaii’s most spectacular scenery. We offer snorkeling trips that are perfect for families, couples or groups of friends who want to experience this unique part of Hawaii in style!

If you love adventure but still want comfort, then we have just what you need. Book one of our amazing snorkeling tours today! With us, there are no limits – all ages 5+ can join us for an unforgettable day out at sea with family or friends. Our rafts are equipped with everything needed for an exciting ride so that everyone can enjoy themselves without any stress or worry about safety issues. And if something does happen during your tour (which it won’t!), rest assured knowing we have highly trained staff members who know how to handle emergencies like these quickly and efficiently so everyone gets home safe and sound at the end of the day. So go ahead – book now before spots fill up!

Warning:  Our tours operate year-round, yet high surf or murky waters (due to excessive rain) may prevent snorkeling from being a part of your Napali Coast Raft Tour.  Do not participate in snorkeling during your tour if you are a non-swimmer.

Enjoy Your Snorkeling Tour On Our Zodiac© Rafts

Our Zodiac raft snorkeling adventures are a wild and exciting way to experience the ocean. You’ll be amazed by the beauty of the Na Pali Coast, where waterfalls cascade into deep valleys, lush tropical vegetation flourishes along steep cliff sides, and waterfalls plunge hundreds of feet down sheer rock walls. The Na Pali Coast is one of Hawaii’s most beautiful places – but it is best experienced from the sea!

Snorkeling The Wondrous Na Pali Coast

Explaining in words what the experience of snorkeling the Na Pali coast in Kauai doesn’t do it justice.

Most people who visit Kauai want to see the famous Na Pali Coast and swim with tropical fish, but they don’t know how to get there or what it’s really like.

Our snorkeling tours take out the confusion and help you see the wonders of the Na Pali Coast on a raft where you’ll have an amazing view of this beautiful coastline while swimming with tropical fish. The water here is so clear that your guide will be able to point out sea turtles, dolphins and whales as we pass by them! You might even see humpback whales during their annual migration from Alaska to Hawaii in winter months (December-February). This tour is about 4 hours of constant adventure and excitement.

Kauai Snorkel Tours on the Nā Pali Coast

Kauai Snorkel Tours
Kauai Snorkel Tours | Snorkeling on the Nā Pali Coast of Kaua'i.

All Kauai Snorkel Tours Gear is Provided

Kauai Snorkel Tours

Kauai Snorkel Tours: The Ocean is Teeming with Fish

Kauai snorkel tours
Enjoying Kauai Snorkel Tours is a must-do during your vacation.

Kauai Snorkel Tours: Make your Kauai Snorkel Memorable


Kauai snorkel tours are amazing because you get to snorkel along the edge of a coral reef, allowing you to be amongst an abundance of sea creatures in their natural habitat.  The corals are alive, and have built up the reef over millions of years, layer upon layer.  The colors are subtle hues of pinks, blues, and yellows. Sea life commonly seen on Kauai snorkel tours are the parrotfish (uhu), sea urchins (wana), sea cucumbers (loli), octopus (he’e), unicornfish (Kala), yellow butterflyfish (lauhau and lauwiliwili), wrasses, and the Hawaii state fish, the reef triggerfish (humuhumunukunukuāpua’a).

Kauai Snorkel Tours: Reef Fish and Corals

Kauai Snorkel Tours

Kauai Snorkel Tours: Gorgeous Reef Fish

Kauai Snorkel Tours

Kauai Snorkel Tours

The green sea turtle (honu), has made a large comeback in population numbers, and is a common sighting during our Kauai snorkel tours.

Kauai Snorkel Tours: Green Sea Turtle

Kauai Snorkel Tours
Kauai Sea Cave Tour

Kauai Nā Pali Coast + Sea Cave Tours (Summer Season)

Explore the sea caves on the Nā Pali Coast Raft Adventure utilizing a 30-foot Zodiac© rigid-hull, inflatable raft.  Departures from Kikiaola Harbor (West Shore).
per person
4.0 hours