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Dolphin Tours Kauai

A Hawaiian spinner dolphin jumping out of the water seen a from a Dolphin Watching Tour

Imagine your perfect Hawaiian vacation. Sun, golden beaches, breathtaking views, a swim in the ocean, surfing, relax, and, of course, dolphins! Yes, because your holidays in Hawaii would not be complete without an excursion to see dolphins close up.

The good news is that there are plenty of dolphins in Kauai that reside on the island. The beautiful setting offered by the Na Pali Coast is one of the best places in Hawaii to enjoy marine life. Not only because of its aesthetic but also because hundreds of dolphins chose the area as their home. Contrary to whales, which only visit the coasts in certain seasons, you can see dolphins all year round.

Among the several things you can do on the island, hopping on one of the best Kauai dolphin tours is something you don’t want to miss.

And you can trust Na Pali Riders to be your best option to explore the beautiful waters these dolphins call home. We are proud to offer one of the best services on the island thanks to our years of experience and our deep knowledge of the sea. Our raft tours are a fun way to get close to dolphins without disturbing them. With us, you have a great chance of seeing dolphins close up and making memories that will stay with you forever.

What Species of Dolphins are on Kauai?

There are two main species of dolphins in Kauai: The Spinner Dolphin and the Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin.

The easier species to spot is the “little” Spinner Dolphin. They usually weigh between 130 and 175 pounds and measure around four to six feet in length. Their name has to do with their habit of jumping high and spinning on their tails before getting back to the water. Being able to assist this “show” is an unforgettable experience. Another thing you might want to know is that these dolphins tend to separate in small groups during the day and relax near the shore. In Kauai, you can recognize Spinner dolphins by watching for a pink or white belly, a dark grey back, and stripes of light grey on the sides.

The Bottlenose Dolphin is another popular species on the island. They are the dolphins you first picture in your mind when thinking about these cetaceans. Larger than the Spinner Dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins are between 650 to 780 pounds and measure around seven to eleven feet in length. These dolphins live in small groups who generally live around coastlines and the harbors around the island. They are medium grey, apart from their white belly. A curious fact is that offshore dolphins tend to be darker than those located inshore. Also, Bottlenoses have smaller pointer beaks than Spinner dolphins.

Where To See Dolphins on Kauai

The Na Pali Coast is one of the best places to spot dolphins, who love to swim around its clear waters. It is a beautiful setting for a boat tour, thanks to its fantastic colors and amazing views of the mountains. Plus, you’ll travel through waterfalls and sea caves and learn about the fantastic environment on Kauai Island.

To make sure you see dolphins, you must hop on one of our Kauai Dolphin Tours. Our team of professionals knows exactly where to take you to spot them. We know where the dolphins usually hang out, and we will teach you everything you should know about these majestic animals. Tourists choosing our raft tours know how common it is to see a dolphin or a whole group of them swimming just to the side of the boat.

Dolphins usually feed at night and approach the shorelines during the day. Because the island of Kauai is their home, if you go on a Dolphin tour or even a sunset sail, you’ll most likely see these mammals. In addition to dolphins, if you are lucky enough, you might also see seals, rays, and even whales in certain months of the year.

What To Bring On Your Kauai Dolphin Tour

For any Kauai Dolphin Tours you choose to join, you should bring your swimsuit and wear comfortable clothes. Also, don’t forget sunscreen, a towel, and possibly a hat and sunglasses to protect you from the sun. You might also want to include a light jacket against the wind when on the sea.

Ride With Na Pali Riders

If you are planning to visit Hawaii, you must include a stop in Kauai and have an unforgettable close-up experience with dolphins: you won’t regret it for sure! At Na Pali Riders, we know the Na Pali Coast well, and we will bring you to the best spots to admire dolphins. Check out our tours today!

If you’re looking for activities that include dolphin encounters and dolphin sightings.  Book a raft tour with Na Pali Riders or call 808-742-6331.

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