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The Hidden Beaches Of Hawaii

A Unique Beach in Kauai

There are so many beautiful beaches in Hawaii that it can be hard to decide which one to visit. But what if we told you that there were even more beautiful beaches waiting for you to discover them? These beaches are hidden away from the crowds and offer a quiet and peaceful experience for those who find them. In this blog post, we will explore some of the most beautiful hidden beaches in the Hawaiian Islands!

Some of these beaches will be super remote, hard to access, and sometimes only accessible by boats or hiking!

Kekaha Beach, Kauai – West Side

Located on the west side of Kauai, this beach is best used as a location for sunset watching and relaxing. It is typically dryer because of the climate on this side of Kauai, so expect an abundance of sunlight.

It experiences high winds, waves, and surf that can leave the runoff brown from sediment deposits. You will sometimes spot local fishermen and surfers exploring the waters.

It is the last lifeguarded beach on the chain of west side beaches with public bathrooms and more. Kekaha Beach is a great last stop before venturing further into the west side of Kauai.

Halona Beach Cove, Oahu – South East Side

This small pocket of sand sitting on the southeastern shores of Oahu is a recognizable spot from the old movie From Here To Eternity, where the beach gained its nickname Eternity Beach.

It is tucked away on the west side (right side) of the Halona Blowhole overlook. You have to traverse down sharp, steep, and slippery rocks. Wear GOOD footwear to avoid falling or slipping while making the trek.

It is only recommended to try to access this beach when the water is calm, and the same goes for swimming at this beach. There are no lifeguards and the surf can frequently be rough with riptides present. Like any beach on the ocean, use caution and check surf reports.

Hideaways Beach, Kauai – North Side

During its calm days, Hideaways beach can be a fantastic destination for snorkeling. This beach is best visited during the summer months when this area of the island has calmer waters better suited for swimming and water activities.

The best place to park is the public access lot just before the gate of Princeville St. Regis Hotel.

You get to this beach by going down a steep path close to the Pali Ke Kua Condos. While this remote and secluded beach is well worth the trek, always use caution when using the path that leads here. You should only attempt this if you are in good physical condition and health.

Waipio Valley Black Sand Beach, Big Island/Kona – North Side

Disclaimer: As of February 2022, because of unsafe conditions and unstable sections, Waipio Valley Road is closed to hikers and vehicles. The overlook remains open. Monitor local government resources to learn more.

This is a truly stunning beach and is well worth a visit if you can make it. The black sand sprawls across the bay and you can take in all the great scenery as you hike through it.

Waipio Beach has been used in numerous films and for good reason. The beach is stunning but has no amenities or facilities making it a pretty rugged adventure not left for those who are looking for just relaxation. Luckily for you, if you aren’t interested in making the journey the Waipio Lookout is open for your enjoyment.

The beach is not good for snorkeling and swimming, as the waves and surf are typically rough at all times. We don’t recommend going in the water at this location.

Kaihalulu Red Sand Beach, Maui – East Side

Disclaimer: Parts of the trail have been lost due to landslides and it is now more dangerous than in previous years. If you aren’t comfortable navigating steep terrain with cliffs with slipper footing, do not attempt this hike. (There can be nudists here, so keep that one in mind).

This is a hidden cove beach that is sure to blow you away. With rough surf pounding the outside of it, the steep ocean drop-off means the water is best observed from afar.

It’s a great location for watching some of Hawaii’s interesting birds hunt and play in the cove while you take in the scenery. You will have big red rocks and lava cliffs surrounding you as you relax here.

When following our directions, keep in mind these are subject to change because of the nature of Hawaii’s land. Trails can erode, access points can change, and roads can close.

  1. Park on the side of the road near the Travasa Hotel Parking lot. Walk through the Hana Community Center Field and keep an eye out for the trail on your right-hand side.
  2. If you reach the Japanese Cemetary, backtrack to one of the trails that leads downhill.
  3. The original trail has been taken out by a landslide – where a new smaller and more treacherous trail has taken its place. There is an alternate safer trail that brings you down to the shoreline.
  4. The trail is slippery and inconsistent. A fall in some places could be extremely dangerous or deadly. Attempt this only if you are confident in the conditions, and your physical ability. Experienced hikers will not be bothered by these parts of the trail.

Honopu Beach, Kauai – North Side (Na Pali Coast)

Honopu Beach is one of the most remote and hard-to-access beaches in all of Hawaii but is still a stunning location. If you are looking to learn more, we have a complete guide to Honopu Beach.

The only way to legally access this beach is by swimming. You can not land any watercraft on the island, and helicopters are not permitted to enter either.

Getting there means you are swimming from a boat out from shore or from the neighboring beach (only during the summer months!).

This swim should only be attempted if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are extremely familiar with ocean conditions, and specifically Kauai’s water conditions
  • You are in amazing shape both in general health and physical condition. Any issues during this swim can result in drowning
  • You are equipped with fins to help the swim
  • Someone knows where you are going and when you are going – even better if you have a boat nearby that can watch out for you

There are massive waves that slam against the cliffs, strong rip currents, and around 400 yards of ocean swimming to reach this destination.

Once you arrive you are greeted with a remote beach, the stunning Honopu arch, and towering waterfalls.

If you plan on tackling this swim, ask locals and the public agencies for surf reports, advice, and more safety information.

Enjoy Hawaii’s Hidden Beaches

There’s something special about a hidden beach. Maybe it’s the feeling of finding something that’s just for you, or the sense of being away from it all. Whatever the reason, those brave enough to find these secluded spots are usually rewarded with beautiful views and a chance to really relax.

Finding the beach is half of the fun – take your time and be safe!

Experience the Na Pali Coast with Na Pali Riders

If you are looking to view some of Kauai’s most hidden and secluded beaches – book a thrilling raft tour with Na Pali Riders! We offer a variety of tours and different ways to explore Kauai’s dramatic coastline.

If you have any questions or concerns about your upcoming trip to Kauai, reach out to our experienced staff! We are more than happy to help. Thank you for reading!

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